miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

HOLLY SH*T - Masha Noloselova in V Mag Spain (april 10)


is it just me, or this is one of the best eds we've seen in a while??
( i salute you McQueen )

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xo, Alexi dijo...

awesome!!!!!! it's not just you- that model is a photograph genious!!! her poses are absolutely stunning, i love it.

jessica danielle. dijo...

OH MY GOD, so fierce!
I wish I could buy this so I could frame them! But we don't sell V Spain here :(

Thanks for posting!!


{ I V Y } dijo...

oh wow, it's effing amazing!

Anónimo dijo...


Jessica dijo...

great minds think a like ! i also posted one of these pics. They really are amazing,

Really enjoying your blog, would you like to exchange links ?