sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010

shiny happy people

I just received this lovely blog award from Confessions of an Anonymous Shopaholic :)
you should really check out her blog!

So here i go, 10 things that make me happy:
1. rock n' roll. something i couldn't live without. it's not only the music that fills my soul, but it's also a lifestyle for me.
2. tommy, my dog. he is the sweetest thing on earth and makes me smile all the time.
3. playing drums. i feel my heart coming out of my mouth.
4. my boyfriend. who means everything to me.
5. my friends. because they are the funniest people in the planet and they are always there for me, no matter what.
6. fresh air. and holidays out of the city!
7. everything fashion related. especially new clothes (i'm a little bit compulsive).. i kind of developed an obsession with shoes lately..
8. guacamole nachos and beer. mm actually eating tout court lol.
9. writing. the best way i found to express myself and feel free. Écrire c'est hurler en silence.
10. blogging! wich includes following you guys blogs :)
I would like to pass this award to:

7 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

thanks so much lovely!

MIA dijo...

oh! thank you so much, I'm so glad that you really like my blog! :)

Vi dijo...

thakssssss! glad you enjoy ridding my blog as mutch as i enjoy ridding yours!

. dijo...

thankyou so much! your blog is lovely too! :D

Anónimo dijo...

so sweet, my first award, thanks lovely!!


Sequins♡Sparkles dijo...

nice top 10! and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! yours is nice too :)


rebecca dijo...

thanks so much! ill be writing my post for the award soon.. x