lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

you should be mine

i'm leaving for a month in a week and i'm freaking out
i'm the kind of person who leaves home for 2 days and brings her whole closet.. FUCK
let me tell you 2 words: EUROPE + BACKPACKING
i'm so exciteddd it's driving me nuts.. gahh

4 comentarios:

Vi da Silva Miranda dijo...

good luck! europe and backpacking sounds amazing!!

Young Damsel dijo...

ahhhh! i'm so jealous<33 i hope you have a divine time--will miss your posts (:

Lola-Elise dijo...

wow! sounds amazing!
hope you have a great time..

p.s. thanks for your comment

Sandra dijo...

someone said backpack?!? I love it!! So free, adventures, exiting!!....oh, I wanna go! Fave fun!